Elvie Eau de Toilette Buy Oriflame Sweden – Oriflame Cosmetics UK & USA – Elvie Eau de Toilette

The smell of Elvie Inspired Mythical Story Sweet Swedish Storybook The Elf Maiden’s; Its Pure Beauty Today are still hiding in each of us. Try this favorite scent is formulated which now smell lasts longer!

Toilet Water Elvie

Mascara from the one Oriflame

Mascara eyes wide open, wonderlash, lash extension… Did You know that every minute we are selling 14 ? It’s called a phenomenon!

Mascara from the one

This summer is marked by the color !

See page 17 of the catalog and choose from a wide variety of shades of nail polish The ONE at great prices . Do not miss the opportunity !

Long-lasting nail polish The ONE

Giordani Gold Luminous Cream Eye Shadow – Giordani Gold Eyes

With its gel cream consistency and buildable coverage, Luminous Cream Eye Shadow’s excellent color magnitude and lustrous surface are key to this season’s most seductive eye looks.Triple-action active strengthens skin structure, secures against free radical damages and rejuvenates

Elvie Eau de Toilette Buy Oriflame Sweden – Oriflame Cosmetics

A harmonious scent combining white floral bouquet, a powdery white musk with the delicate yet wilk lily of the valley.

Oriflame love naturally lip balm

Protect and moisturise your lips with a sheer red tint. With natural extract.

Be right on trend with The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Intense Collection!

10 expressive shades to brighten your lips, in addition to all the benefits of the Colour Stylist range. With bright, high colours straight from the runway, this fashion-forward range is daringly vivid, yet utterly wearable.
The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Intense Collection for rich colour coverage, a luminous finish and indulgent lip care from Jojoba and Avocado Oils. With Flexi Wax Blend to hold onto moisture and formulated specially for staying power… combining lip comfort with lasting colour confidence.

The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara

The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara. Brush on superb length in an instant with this fibre filled lash-extending formula!
Get lash extensions in a matter of mere seconds**. The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara works like your very own personal beautician. With each brush stroke you can stretch out even more lash length for jaw-dropping effects.
The 4mm fibres, the flexible formula and the Spiral Brush build extreme visual length and create dizzying lash height never seen before in Oriflame… 6mm of visible lash length*.

4mm Fibres
Designed to recreate the look of in-salon extensions… in just a few seconds! Each 4mm nylon-silica fibre is captured within the formula and then grips onto your lashes as you apply.
When they sit lengthways they stretch and extend out from your lash tips for a superior lengthening result. When they sit either vertically or horizontally on the body of the lash, this bulks out the lash width so they appear fuller and thicker for striking, intensified definiti

E lvie Eau de Toilette

Elvie Eau de Toilette A harmonious
fragrance integrating white fl oral fragrance, a.
powdery white musk with the fragile.
yet wild lily of the valley.
From the mythological story of a lovely Swedish elf to the modern day woman–.
there is a bit of Elvie in all of us. Let pure living, clean water and fresh air bring a.
organic beauty into your daily life with the delicate green fragrance of lily of the valley.

The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Intense Collection

The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist
Lipstick Powerful Range 4g Try this season’s biggest
style – brilliant vibrant lipsticks.
The ONE Intense
Collection is a fun range
of outstanding lipstick colours
that will surely add a touch
of bravado to your
makeup assortment

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