Swedish Facial Spa For Healthier and Better-Looking Skin

document-3_Page_53Our skin is open for harmful influence every day. Effects are visible only by microscope, but don’t let that fool you. Your skin especially your face is open to heavy metals, smoke, sunrays and other factors that damage the protective layer of the skin.


The Importance of Good Skin

Most of us (be it because we don’t know it, we don’t care, we don’t have time or other reasons) forget to clean our face regularly. We tend to clean our face only if we had previously applied makeup. But our face is our picture to the world, and how everyone sees us. Our face reflects are everyday habits, and everything we do.


If you like healthy and beautiful skin, cleansing your face should be a top priority when it comes to beauty rituals. With cleansing, you effectively remove dirt, dust, and death cells from your skin. Without clean face, the pores won’t open, and the cells won’t be able to breathe. A face that breathes looks fresh while the other option, well you know it! Not only that you remove death skin cells, but you also help the skin to preserve her protective layers.


The Basic Skin Care Regime

How to clean your face the right way? First off, apply your skin care product, be it serum, mask, or milk, on your face, your neck, and your neckline. Use your fingertips or swab to massage your face with round movements. After you are done with the massage, use dry swap to remove the milk surplus. After you have cleansed your face, you may need to apply toner which will refresh your skin, and give it the natural pH value. At the end, apply, cream, and you are done.


Oriflame’s Swedish Spa Cleansing Products

Oriflame will help you for all parts of the process. Swedish Spa Rebalancing Face Serum, and Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask are both premium products when it comes to face cleansing. You can apply the mask on clean skin, and let it stay for 10 minutes. Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask will deeply cleanse your face, help you clean it from all the toxins and refresh your skin. The Serum will moisturize and provide your skin with minerals and vitamins. Both products contain malachite, an ingredient that provides added protection and regeneration for your skin. It is recommended to use the mask once a week, while the serum is for everyday usage.


There are other products in the Swedish spa line that will help you take care of your skin and make it soft, gentle and shinny. For showering, Oriflame offers Swedish Spa Refreshing Shower Gel solution. This shower gel will wake up your body with a special hydracare technology. It also contains peppermint that will clean and moisturize your skin. Or, you can use Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar for massage. Containing sea algae in the formula, this massage bar will improve your circulation and remove dead skin cells from your skin. And when you are done showering, apply Swedish Spa Hydrating Body Soufflé Cream for silky smooth skin. It has excellent formula for moisturizing, hydrating and refreshing skin. And lastly, the line contains anti-perspirant (Swedish Spa Refreshing Anti-perspirant 24h deodorant). We all want to make sure we keep our freshness after we are done showering. With a refreshing scent of pure mint, Swedish Spa Refreshing Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant will help you feel comfortable, relaxed and refreshed during the day.


To end, for more than four decades, Oriflame has been one of the leading companies when it comes to skin care and cosmetics. The company offers all high quality natural products, produced from the highest quality ingredients which is sold by independent  Oriflame consultants

Sport Manly Natural Fragrances that Last All Day with a Fresh & Nature

Body odor in men is not only unhygienic and unhealthy; it is also a great barrier when making advances towards others, especially women. Women absolutely detest men who smell bad and it could be one of the primary reasons for not being able to break the ice when interacting with individuals across various settings like a workplace or a party. Bad odor can be a difficult problem to tackle especially if your body tends to sweat a lot and there is very little opportunity to address it during your busy schedule. Hence, this brings into the picture the most commonly used product to tackle body odor in men – perfumes, deodorants and body sprays.

Ill-effects of Using Unreliable Perfumes, Deodorants and Body Sprays

A detailed study in your region’s market will perhaps reveal some astonishing facts about the various brands of perfumes and deodorants that are being sold. Not only are these products unreliable and overpriced, but they also come with potential health hazards due to the overwhelming use of chemicals that are part of their manufacturing process.

These chemicals, when they come into contact with your skin, can cause some really unpleasant side-effects which can cause grievous harm to your body such as bringing about rashes, skin allergies and red spots. Plus, they do a really bad job of keeping you odor-free and leave you with a big hole in your pocket. Some of them even go to the extent of staining your expensive dresses which are a nightmare to remove.

Wake Up and Change to Nature

The best way to avoid being affected by side-effects of unreliable perfumes and body sprays is to not knock them off completely from your shopping list and look for an option that makes use of natural ingredients and eliminates the risk of allergies. Using natural ingredients for bodily fragrances guarantee personal health safety and also promote hygienic well-being.


Fresh & Nature Eau de Cologne

Oriflame, a Swedish cosmetic giant, has recently spruced up its men’s fragrance product range with a couple of exciting products which promise to deliver long lasting freshness without compromising the quality. Oriflame has a strong brand reputation built over several decades due to its favored product portfolio that delivers good results. Hence, you can be assured that your trust and investment in the Oriflame brand is not taken for granted at any point of time.

Cardamom and Vetiver Eau De Cologne - This fragrance is a surefire hit amongst men, thanks to its unique combination of ingredients which are great at holding up the longevity of the freshness feel. Featuring the spicy notes of Cardamom coupled with the earthen characteristics of Vetiver herb, this fragrance brings about excitement to start your day. It is a great choice for men who wish to show off their machismo without breaking into a sweat.

Pepper and Lime Eau de Cologne – This fragrance goes with tried and trusted combination of using spicy and citrus ingredients in the form of pepper and lime. The fruity flavors of lime linger strongly long enough to draw attention of those near you and the dash of pepper rounds off the fragrance by giving it a manly touch. Recommended to be used across all seasons, you will find this fragrance a must-have in your wardrobe.


To get the best out of these fragrances, apply them over completely dry skin, preferably after bath. When applying, try to focus on the pulse point of your body such as the wrist, earlobes and the collar bone which are notorious for inducing bad odor.

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Your Dreams-Our Inspiration The Gentlmen’s choice Dark Wood

Gentlemanliness is, without any doubt, Britain’s the proudest export.

The most of us, assumed that you simply knew a gentleman when you saw one.
Being a real gentleman, by the Shaw, means to always ‘puts more into the world than he takes out’. Oscar Wilde, thought that a real gentleman is someone ‘who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally’. Well, does it sound right?

But, we feel that some ‘’rulebook’’ could do with a good dusting off, in order to bring it up to date. How does a real gentleman comport himself on social media, for instance? Does he have a profile on the various social media sites? What sort of car would he drive today? If you opened his cosmetic bag, which beauty products would we find in there? How would gentleman smell these days?
Far from being an extinct species, I am strongly believed that the gentleman is very much alive and well and thriving even in today’s time.

Firstly, by me and the most important one, a real gentleman, comes from all walks of life. And also, a true gentleman should possess a certain qualities, such as: self deprecation, a dose of both, generosity and tolerance, thoughtfulness and a sense of humor: simply, either you’ve been born with these gentlemanly qualities or you haven’t. That can’t be taught!

Let me tell you one funny anecdote, which really happen: There was notice put up in a St James’s club that said: ‘Would the nobleman, who has stolen my umbrella, return it, please?’, the writer pointed out, by way of an explanation, that it was a club for gentlemen and noblemen and that ‘a gentleman would never have stolen my umbrella’ :-). Very funny, right?

When it comes to a gentleman, the general appearance is counting, but not, as much as in the way you might be thinking. Naturally, a gentleman is never underdressed! But, neither does he overdress-and never (ever) is showing off! Perhaps, Ian Fleming was hoping that if he kitted James Bond out in the book called ‘’Sea Island’’ with a cotton and silk, he might pass as a gentleman, but he was wrong. His James Bond was declared self-centered.

The only cinematic Bond, who pulled off an approximation of gentlemanliness, was Roger Moore, anyone after him is not succeeding, even the overwhelming and a super sexy Sean Connery! Only one thing is for sure! The real and the true gentlemen wouldn’t let him, let’s say, the luxury of smelling sucks. Whoever he would be, whatever he would be wearing or driving…

The scent is defying every person, being male or female, a lady or a gentleman!

That’s why we are proud to present the new line inspired by, one and only, a gentleman, who has very exquisite and excellent taste combined with an irresistible attitude! The ‘’Dark Wood’’ which is consisting of various warm, woody and spicy notes, such as: the marine accord, the cashmeran wood and the coriander seeds.

The perfume accord presents a balanced blend of notes which lose their individual identity, in order to create a completely new, unified scent impression. When it comes to the cashmeran, it presents a divine chemical aroma with a spicy, musky, and the adorable floral smell. It is meant to add a touch of a powdery, velvet nuance that invokes the smell, and also the feel of cashmere. That’s why; very often it is listed in fragrance notes, as the “cashmere woods”. It presents also a synthetic which very hard to find in the nature, but frequently used in the various products we use every day.


Cashmeran is commonly referred to as ‘’blond woods’’ (of course, in the perfume speak), the truth is this mighty ingredient is actually a musk component with a yellow texture. Its scent profile is very wide; it takes over vast majority sea trees, between woods and ambers (very abstract and very indefinable, if you ask me!).

Jet, when it comes to the third ingredient-the coriander seed, we all know that coriander is the most popular as a culinary spice. But, in addition, it has been used in the perfume industry for a very long time and with equally successful. It presents an annual herb with small leaves and with very pale pink and white flowers, which resemble like umbrellas. The aroma of a coriander seed is often described to be very pleasant, warm and spicy. Its essential oil from this mighty herbal has its place in the aromatherapy. Regarding perfumes, it is used to enrich the top (and the middle notes as well) with its herbaceous, warmly and woody aura.


That’s why this Eau De Toilette is so special and intended for the gentlemen of the 21st century!



7 Best Summer Fragrance Trends

As summer approaches, there is usually a general move from the heavy fragrances to lighter ones that are more suitable for the many sunny days common in summer. In this warm weather, fragrances with fresh, floral or fruity notes are the most popular. Delicate rose, gourmand and fresh strawberry have made a roaring comeback — thanks in part to their large supply from farmers as well as their unique summer qualities!. For rose, it is its refreshing and light feeling its floral scent gives. The musk and aldehydes give it a clean accent enhanced by its fruity notes that are distinctively feminine. Strawberry, juicy and sweet, adds to its fragrances a fruity aroma with spicy and flowery nuances while gourmand brings with it chocolate and caramel. All these are found in varied quantities in some of the summer fragrances that have been trending through the year. Find out the best summer fragrances trends.


  1. Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche. The great scent of this fragrance has ensured its continued popularity. Its summer version is, as it has always been, still a must-have for most people. Its aquatic vibe and zingy citrus notes makes it suitable for a wide range of places, from offices to entertainment spots.


  1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Discover Vulcano. This classic summer fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean herbs and Aeolian Islands found near the Sicilian coastline. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Discover Vulcano also has ginger, lemon, cypress and lavender variations. Perfectly light for summer, this summer fragrance is most appropriate for late nights due to its musky and woody notes combined with vetiver, incense and amber. Its cool, crispy qualities also make it suitable for summer beaches.


  1. Paul Smith and Sunshine. Paul Smith and Sunshine is true reflection of Sir Paul Smith’s energy and optimism. With a blend of spices and citrus fruits, Paul Smith and Sunshine is a summer fragrance with very few peers. Paul Smith and Sunshine is suitable for all places and events.


  1. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna. This fragrance is inspired by the juniper bushes of Sardinia known for its aromatic smell that has retained its popularity over the years. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna characteristic’s refined flavor is drawn from the unique berries of the juniper bushes making it perfectly suitable for hot weathers.


  1. Armani eau d’Aromas Pour Homme. Giorgio Armani has combined uplifting ginger, citrus fruits and spicy chili pepper to make a fantastic fragrance. Armani eau d’Aromas Pour Homme is most suitably used during evenings in the summer because the oil becomes warmer as time goes by.


  1. John Varvatos Artisan. Released in 2009, this fragrance has quickly gained popularity to become one of the most sought after perfumes in the market. It gets its freshness from the orange citrus and its masculinity from wood. Both of these are from the famed Eau de Cologne. John Varvatos Artisan is an everyday fragrance with no particular occasions it is suited for.


  1. Gucci Pour Homme II. Gucci Pour Homme II is as fantastic as all Gucci fragrances. It combines violet leaves, myrrh, cinnamon and olive wood making it a distinctive summer fragrance. With a masculine taste, Gucci Pour Homme II is sensual and clean. While its appeal is mainly for young people, the qualities of the perfume make it suitable for all ages.

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The month of February is in love signs, and Valentine’s bangs soon on the door. It requires a seductive look that makes you ready to flirt. Let yourself be inspired by the singer Agnes Carlsson, Swedish TV host Marie prices held and the top model Caroline Winberg – and get the perfect seductive look.


golden eyeshadow is one of winter’s biggest trends. Apply golden and bronze shades on the entire eyelid with a brush that is specifically designed for eye makeup. Blend well! For extra intensity framed eyes with a black eyeliner and mascara volume rewarding. The rest of the face also available in bronze shades. Apply the golden tones on the cheeks and nougat color on the lips.

61600030-1766200090-MakeUp_IntextSEDUCTIVE LIPS

Get a look that exudes classic Hollywood glamor with red lips and black lace. It creates just the right style. To get ready to kiss the lips that lasts all night, start by cleansing the face with a fugtug washcloth and makes lips soft with a nourishing lip balm. Then you should prime your lips with a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick to achieve a more sensual expression. Let your lips be the focus and supplement with flawless complexion, black eyeliner and natural loose hair.


Are you looking for a soft, natural look so opt for the soft and fresh makeup, which focuses on the cheeks. Use a peach colored cream blush that can easily be dabbed on the cheek. Frame your eyes with a black eyeliner and apply lots of black mascara. For an extra fresh look, you may want to get a little highligher on pangen and in the inner corner of the eye. Highlight your lips with a light pink lip gloss and put your hair up in a messy bun.